Tips on Hosting an Art and Craft Show

art show

An art and craft show is unlike other exhibitions or music concerts where there are individual performers and a large section of the audience consists of just attendees to the show. In an arts and craft show, most of those milling around the stalls or paintings or other similar stuff are artists and artisan themselves. Hence there is a feeling of friendliness that pervades the show as everybody is proud of what they have contributed and wish to be respected and praised by others in the same community. Given all these variables, it is necessary that such a show be meticulously planned and held so that the group as a whole is not let down in any manner.

Here then are a few tips on hosting an art and craft show with scrupulous planning holding centre stage.

Fixing date and time – This should be your primary concern as a lot of factors will depend on this decision. Ensure that the date you have in mind does not clash with other similar events in the area or even any other program that is likely to draw away crowds from your venue. Once this is finalised you can move on to other areas of hosting the event.

Location and venue – Next in line is selecting the available space. As said earlier, unlike a music conference, the focus will be not be on a theatre or an auditorium but a location with large rooms and halls where the items can be displayed and with plenty of room for people to move around in a relaxed manner without crowds behind pushing them on. Art and craft can only be appreciated at leisure. An important part of the location is adequate parking space too.

Give a catchy name to the show, contact potential participants – More than anything else, a catchy name will draw in participants and visitors. It should reflect the essence of the show. If you have a specific theme in mind, the show should be named likewise. Next, contact artists and artisans to participate in the show. If you can rope in a leading and reputed artist initially, you can be sure that others will be flocking to take part in the event.

Local permits and permissions – Contact the local authorities to know about any licences or permissions that may be required. More often than not these might be too complex for you to understand and it would be prudent to get professional help. For example take the help of a property lawyer in Melbourne to take care of the statutory formalities if your show is in the city.

Marketing and promotion – This is the key to a successful show. The first step here is to design and create a flyer or brochure with all relevant information. Send this flyer to the print media and book multiple days for the ad to appear. This flyer can also be sent through email and post. Involve the local community so that the information spreads through word of mouth. Even in this digital age, the last method is still a very potent weapon to get any message through. Post messages on your website in details giving all required information.

And finally, be prepared for any eventuality as the best of efforts are often found wanting on some issue or the other.